Help for Chronic Sinus Infections

If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, it may feel like you will have to deal with this issue for the rest of your life. The good news though, is that modern advances in sinus treatment have come a long way over the past decade. In fact, if you are dealing with frequent sinus pain from infection, you have more options now than you ever have before. Here is what you need to know about a new treatment for chronic sinus infections and other sinus issues.

One of the most common causes of sinus pressure and pain is due to blocked sinuses. This condition can result in significant discomfort and loss of enjoyment in everyday activities. For some patients, the condition is so severe that it prevents them from being able to work and enjoy a normal life. Fortunately for these patients, and people who have similar sinus symptoms , there is a new medical treatment that can make a world of difference.

This treatment is called balloon sinuplasty. It is a surgical operation that can expand your sinus and nasal passages, resulting in pain relief. When the walls of the sinuses are expanded, drainage is once again possible. For patients with sinusitis, this medical procedure can be life changing. For the first time in a long time, these patients can go about their daily lives without pain and discomfort.

Another reason that this procedure is so widely acclaimed is because it is minimally invasive. In fact, the entire process takes only a few hours. You are able to return to your home on the same day of surgery. The traditional surgery for sinusitis is much more invasive and has a longer recovery time. Recovery time for balloon sinuplasty is quick and relatively pain free. After only a short time following the treatment, you can begin to breath normally again. Your odds of continuing to experience sinusitis are significantly reduced.

Previous treatments for recurring sinus infections were much more invasive and carried a higher risk of negative side effects. Balloon sinuplasty is also an effective treatment for people who suffer from a number of health issues which used to disqualify them from sinus surgery , including allergies and a compromised immune system. Because the treatment is minimally invasive and highly effective, more and more people are having it. It is estimated that within the next few years, it will become the preferred method from treating chronic sinus pain, pressure, and infection.