Signs You are Suffering from A Sinus Infection

A majority of people normally confuse sinus infections to common cold because the symptoms look similar. But the two infections are totally different; in fact it is common cold that usually precedes a sinus infection . If you are not sure whether you are suffering from a sinus infection or not, then check out the following symptoms

Pain in the nasal cavity

Uncomfortable pain in the nasal cavity is one of the prominent symptoms that you could be suffering from sinusitis or a sinus infection. The pain is usually very uncomfortable and can cause patients to stop going to work or school. This kind of pain is as a result of swelling or inflammation in the nasal cavity. It's made worse when patients try to touch the affected area.


Headaches are common among persons suffering from chronic sinus infections. The severity of headaches will depend on the stage of your condition. For chronic sinus problem, patients often suffer from headaches for a long time considering that such symptoms can last up to eight weeks

Yellowish discharge

A yellowish discharge is also another sign that person is suffering from a sinus problem. The substance that a patient blows out may sometimes appear green in color.


Congestion is another prominent sign of a person suffering from a sinus problem. It is caused by the inflammation inside the nasal cavity


Fortunately, sinus infections are not life threatening, meaning the patient can be able to recover after the doctor prescribes effective treatment. Usually, treatment can be in the form of over the counter medication. In some instances where chronic sinus problems that recurs all the time, a doctor could perform surgery on the sinus cavity in order to do away with inflammation. If you are suffering from a chronic sinus problem, then it advised you get checked immediately. The doctor will check your condition and offer the best way to deal with symptoms affecting you.

Failure to treat a chronic sinus condition in time can cause the patient to develop other ailments that are far serious. It's been proved through studies that a sinus problem can actually cause patients to develop deadly disease like meningitis or asthma. As result, a sinus infection should not be treated the same way people handle common cold. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible to be on the safe side.