Modern Treatments for Sinusitis

In the past decade, a new treatment for chronic sinus pain has emerged. Doctors and patients alike are excited about the efficacy and minimal invasiveness of this procedure. The treatment is called balloon sinuplasty and it is quite promising for patients who deal with sinusitis . This article will tell you what you need to know about this new treatment.

Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from recurring sinus pain and infections. In many of these cases, the condition is due to blocked sinus and nasal passages. The result is significant pain, discomfort, and loss of quality of life. Some patients have occasional reprieves from this condition, while others deal with it on a daily basis and have fifteen or more sinus infections per year.

While there are many people who have this condition, not all of them qualify for the traditional surgical treatment. The traditional treatment involves using metal tools to push open the sinuses. It is invasive and requires a lot of recovery time. In addition, it is also not always suitable for people who have allergies. This means that anyone with a compromised immune, many elderly patients, for example, are not able to receive this traditional treatment. As you might imagine, the limitations of this traditional treatment mean that many people suffer needlessly from a very painful condition.

The new treatment for sinusitis however, is much less invasive. In fact, it can be completed in a few hours, perhaps even at your normal doctor's office. Balloon sinuplasty involves using a balloon to expand your sinus passages, which allows your doctor to rebuild those passages with considerably less effort and damage to the surrounding tissue. Within a few days after surgery, the patient is already feeling quite a bit better than before. Full recovery is expected shortly after that.

If you are dealing with frequent pain and pressure in your sinuses, this surgical procedure is definitely worth looking into. Even if you were unable to have sinus surgery in the past, you are likely to find success with this new surgical method. Because it is minimally invasive and recovery time is so quick, you can finally get to breath normally again after only a short time. To find out more information, search for a doctor near you who is qualified to perform this procedure. He or she will be able to give you more information about your specific situation.